​​A view of the Azraq Camp Security Joint Operations Centre in Jordan, built by UNOPS on behalf of the Government of Canada. Photo: UNHCR/J. Kohler

The UNOPS operational hub in Amman, Jordan has been active since 2004. With an established presence across the Middle East, the hub runs operations including large-scale procurement, project development and technical management, and provides financial, human resources and infrastructure-related services. These activities address diverse sectors including health and water and sanitation.  In 2013, the hub expanded from projects solely based in Iraq to include Jordan, Lebanon, the Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey and Yemen.

In Jordan, UNOPS has supported the Government and other partners in responding to the Syrian refugee influx, such as by helping to develop security infrastructure in refugee camps. In Iraq, UNOPS projects support sustainable project management, elections, civil society and human rights. In Lebanon and Syria, UNOPS provides human resource transactional services to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to support their response to the refugees and internally displaced people affected by the crisis in Syria. In Yemen, UNOPS works with the government to develop capacity in the areas of public procurement, project management and planning.
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Syrian Arab Republic




​The UNOPS operational hub in Amman is supporting a project aimed at strengthening the partnership between Iraqi civil society and public authorities. As part of the project, Iraqi civil society leaders joined Iraqi public authorities and representatives from the United Nations and European Union to call for the adoption of the Charter of Cooperation between Public Authorities and Non-Governmental Organizations. Photo: United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq

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