Supporting the reconstruction of Gaza

UNOPS is supporting the Government of Palestine to implement sustainable infrastructure works that lay the foundation for improved livelihoods.

UNOPS is actively supporting the emergency relief, early recovery and long-term development needs of Gaza by contributing to the implementation of infrastructure that strengthens state-building and conflict resolution efforts.

UNOPS conducted an Infrastructure Global Productivity Index to assess infrastructure delivery systems in the West Bank. UNOPS will use the findings to support the Government to plan and implement infrastructure works that go beyond construction and improve human development and livelihoods.

UNOPS Jerusalem Operations Centre Director, Nicholas O'Regan said: "We are actively engaged with the Government to provide support to ensure that responses to critical short-term humanitarian needs have, as much as possible, links to longer term infrastructure planning. This ensures that reconstruction of the infrastructure networks do not just repair what was damaged, but improve them, and that short-term fixes do not evolve into long-term unsustainable solutions."

In addition to providing infrastructure services, UNOPS is also supporting reconstruction efforts by providing procurement and project management services. Projects include providing emergency lighting for internally displaced persons and managing grants for legal assistance, in cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Prime Minister of Palestine, Rami Hamdallah said: "There is a need for full cooperation between all international organizations and the Palestinian government to combine efforts for the reconstruction of Gaza."