UNDP/GEF Caribbean Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (CLME)

The Caribbean Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (CLME) is a semi-enclosed sea adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, south to the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of the largest salt water seas with a diverse marine life that is fundamental to the livelihoods of coastal communities. However, the region is under environmental stress as climate change, pollution, nutrient enrichment, overfishing and unsustainable tourism threaten the CLME and the livelihoods linked to it.

The GEF financed project, implemented by UNDP and executed by UNOPS, has carried out a scientific assessment to identify three transboundary environmental problems: unsustainable exploitation of fisheries, habitat degradation and pollution. A strategic action programme is being developed with a clear focus to strengthen fishery governance and protect critical livelihood species such as the spiny lobster. The project aims to enhance the health of the ecosystem and increase sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities.

The Water and Energy Cluster supports the Project Coordination Unit in Cartagena, Colombia through:

  • Continued project guidance, from the project inception
  • Procurement of goods, services and works, including identification and contracting of specialized UN agencies and inter-governmental organizations to complete case studies on projects that could feed into the final Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis and Strategic Action Plan for the region.  
  • Recruitment, contract management and training of key project personnel
  • Regular monitoring of financial expenditure monitoring and budget revisions