The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

UNOPS ED opens innovation conference in Copenhagen

“Impact Minds” brings together speakers at the forefront of innovation and interaction design, including social impact investing.

In honour of UNOPS new partnership with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), Grete Faremo, opened the one-day conference on the eve of the Institute's ten-year anniversary.

"At the heart of the 2030 Agenda is the need to think outside of the box – using innovation, business and technology to help people build better lives," said Ms. Faremo at the opening of "Impact Minds" on 1 September.

"UNOPS and CIID share a common belief that innovation can help spur global development."

The partnership between UNOPS and CIID will allow both organizations to tap into each other's networks in future joint projects.

UNOPS Social Impact Investment Initiative and the Institute's interest in applying its work to the Sustainable Development Goals, led both organizations to each other earlier this year.

"Impact Minds is an opportunity to gather over 300 participants and CIID's international network of experts to discuss future direction and impact.  For an event focused on impact at global scale, we couldn't have found a better place to share this agenda than with our partner, UNOPS at the UN City," said Ms. Simona Maschi, Co-founder and CEO of CIID.

Interaction design combines traditional design disciplines with socio-economic trends.

The Institute is an innovation institution for designers, engineers and architects, as well as a consultancy and start-up hub for designers.


  • Grete Faremo, Directora Ejecutiva de UNOPS, con Simona Maschi, Cofundadora y Directora General del Instituto de Diseño de Interacción de Copenhague (CIID). ​© Hasse Ferrold​​

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