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Hacer frente a las amenazas existenciales que plantea el aumento del nivel del mar

Discurso de Jorge Moreira da Silva, Secretario General Adjunto de las Naciones Unidas y Director Ejecutivo de UNOPS, en la Cumbre sobre la Gestión de las Amenazas Existenciales del Aumento del Nivel del Mar, organizada conjuntamente por el ‌Centro Mundial para la Movilidad Climática (GCCM) y UNOPS, en Nueva York, el 21 de septiembre de 2023 (en inglés).

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Excellencies, colleagues, and friends,

It is indeed an honour to be here.

As we have heard from the leaders around this room, addressing the existential threat of sea level rise to low-lying and small island developing states requires collective and urgent action.

The gathering here marks a crucial opportunity to emphasize the unique challenges of the Pacific Small Island Developing States in the face of a changing climate - and to mobilize the climate action and financing needed to tackle these issues.

Preserving their sovereignty, safeguarding their cultural heritage, sustaining livelihoods and strengthening socio-economic resilience are certainly key priorities for the Pacific Atoll countries.

UNOPS stands by you in your efforts to respond to these challenges.

Since December 2022, we have been proudly administering the Rising Nations Initiative, led and championed by many of the countries represented here today.

This initiative speaks to the power of partnerships for the achievement of the 2030 agenda, bringing together as it does many stakeholders, from international and regional organizations, academia, philanthropy, civil society, and the private sector.

This work builds on UNOPS broader work in supporting SIDS on their path towards the SDGs and beyond, within the framework of the New Programme of Action 2024-2034 to be adopted in Antigua and Barbuda next year at the 4th International Conference.

It includes supporting better access to renewable energy, water and waste management, marine protection, and health procurement. It includes working with governments to strengthen national long-term infrastructure planning, and in the wake of the pandemic, supporting SIDS partners in efforts to respond and recover.

We pride ourselves in enabling partnerships for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, building on our expertise in infrastructure, procurement and project management, and our passion for delivering results for those most vulnerable, including in the face of climate change.

UNOPS remains committed to supporting this initiative - and to supporting our SIDS partners in their efforts to promote sustainable development and build a better future for all.

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