The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

  • Crisis response in Gaza

    Crisis response in Gaza

    With the UN and partners, we’re supporting humanitarian response efforts in Gaza as conflict continues.

  • Advancing climate action

    Advancing climate action

    To tackle the climate emergency and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals, urgent and ambitious climate action is required.

  • Healthcare for all

    Healthcare for all

    Sustainable, inclusive and resilient health systems are critical to addressing global health challenges.

  • Powering a greener tomorrow

    Powering a greener tomorrow

    Accelerating the transition to renewable, green energy drives positive change for people and the planet.

UNOPS provides infrastructure, procurement and project management services to help build the future.

To support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, we respond to our partners’ needs and help increase the effectiveness of peace and security, humanitarian and development projects around the world.

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  • $1.6B
    goods & services

    In 2023, we procured around $1.6 billion worth of vital goods and services for partners.

  • 23M
    Days of paid work for beneficiaries

    Our commitment to sustainability is underlined by the jobs we create in the communities where we work. Of the 23 million days of paid work created for local people, 2.2 million of these days were undertaken by women.

  • 26,000
    days of technical work

    A core contribution to social sustainability and developing national capacity is through passing our skills and experience to the people we work with on our projects.


Ideas, analysis, solutions
To build a better world, we must cooperate in the face of disaster

To build a better world, we must cooperate in the face of disaster

When disaster strikes, coming together to support impacted communities not only helps with their recovery – it can set them on the path to a more resilient, sustainable future.

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  • Clean energy for a greener future

    Energy is the driving force of our world. It is the power that transforms our homes, our livelihoods and our communities. But as we face growing interconnected crises, we need practical solutions to tackle climate change and build a greener future for all.

  • How can we make assistive technology more accessible?

    Some 2.5 billion people currently require at least one form of assistive technology, and by 2050 this figure will likely rise to 3.5 billion. Without access, more than 30 per cent of our global population would struggle to meet their most basic human needs. So how can we make sure this vital support is accessible, especially for people living in low- and middle-income countries?

  • Making science more accessible in Zanzibar

    In Zanzibar, UNOPS is helping upgrade science labs in secondary schools with funding from KOICA.