​UNOPS projects in Peru help boost the livelihoods of local people. Photo: UNOPS/Fabia Codalli

UNOPS has worked in Peru since 1995, providing infrastructure, procurement, project management and advisory services, to help partners to achieve national development goals in a sustainable manner. We are active in the following sectors: health and sanitation, justice, governance and public policy, the environment, education, sports, water management and human resources.

UNOPS in Peru has managed the construction and rehabilitation of rural roads, schools, hospitals and health centres, supreme courts and sports facilities, and has procured vital medical equipment.


On behalf of the Peruvian national health service EsSalud, UNOPS implemented the construction and supervision works for the INCOR heart hospital, one of the most modern in Latin America. We have also provided technical support to more than 25 government institutions and international organizations, such as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

In addition, our regional agreement with UNEP has allowed the development of projects, the exchange of specialists and joint field visits. An example of this interagency cooperation is a project supporting the sustainable management of Peru's Apurimac River basin. As part of the project, UNOPS developed and implemented a technical study, which was supervised by UNEP.  Given the high visibility and complex social context of the project, UNOPS carried out various awareness raising, community engagement and training activities.

Watch this video about the Gas Stoves Kitchen Project with the Ministry of Energy and Mining in Peru

View data on UNOPS work in Peru.
In addition, we support multi-country programmes that have activities within Peru:


In Peru, UNOPS works closely with local communities to ensure projects are sustainable. In this picture, a UNOPS trainer discusses with the community members of Huaraz the social programmes offered by the Government. Photo: UNOPS/Aníbal Solimano

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