The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)


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UNOPS operates in accordance with a strict legislative framework comprised of Directives and Instructions.

Directives are organization-wide policies that govern actions within UNOPS and its external relations. Instructions explain procedures and business processes for the implementation of Directives, as well as United Nations legislation applicable to UNOPS, while the Executive Director Principles set out the overarching principles and imperatives that underline and guide all UNOPS activities.

The revision of the legislative framework is almost complete. Any outstanding policies will be promulgated and published by the end of 2018.

Operational Directives and Instructions

Strategy Setting

Finance and Asset Management
Statement of Investment Principles and Investment Committee Terms of Reference
Budgeting and Internal Investment Management
Fixed and Intangible Asset Management
Treasury and Cash Management
Engagement Financial Management and Reporting
Financial Accounting and Reporting

Management of UNOPS Partners and Resulting Agreements

Project Management
Acceptance of Engagement Agreements
Design Review of Infrastructure Works
Grant support
UNOPS Works Contracts
Construction supervision
Quality management
Acceptance of Framework, Collaborative and Teaming Agreements

Value Proposition and Cost Recovery Model
Engagement Costing and Pricing

Procurement Framework
Procurement Procedures
Vendor Sanctions

Human Resources, Ethics and Culture
Personnel Management Framework
Protection against retaliation for reporting misconduct and for cooperating with duly authorized audits or investigations
Financial Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Statements
Prohibition of accepting gifts, honours, decorations, favours or non-UN remuneration or benefits from governmental and non-governmental sources
Outside activities
Official Duty Travel
Hospitality Provided at the Cost of UNOPS

Legal Advisors Roles and Responsibilities and Legal Practice
Claims Reporting
Information Disclosure
Document Retention
Contracts and Property Committees Members and Duties
Contracts and Property Committees Submissions and Reviews

ICT and Digital Systems Management
ICT Governance
ICT Security and Access

Safety and Security
Safety and Security Management
Aviation Safety

Risk Management
Risk Management

Internal Audit and Investigations Charter
Policy to Address Fraud and Corruption
Investigations and Measures Relating to Misconduct Allegations Against UNOPS Personnel

Use of UNOPS Name and Logo
Use of Social Media
Media Relations
Crisis communications