The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Executive Board

Second regular session: 31 August - 4 September (virtual session)

The Executive Board provides intergovernmental support and supervision for the activities of UNDP, UNFPA, and UNOPS in accordance with the policy guidance of the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, and the United Nations Charter.

Watch the (virtual) 2020 Annual Session of the UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Executive Board:

Regional groups 2020

African States (8 members)
Botswana (2021)
Burkina Faso (2020)
Cameroon (2021)
Egypt (2020)
Gambia (2021)
Rwanda (2021)
Somalia (2022)***
South Africa (2021)

Asia-Pacific States (7 members)
Cambodia (2020)
China (2019)*
India (2021)
Kuwait (2020)***
Republic of Korea (2021)
Saudi Arabia (2020)
Vanuatu (2021)

Eastern European States (4 members)
Bulgaria (2022)***
Czech Republic (2022)***
Russian Federation (2020)
Ukraine (2021)

Latin America and Caribbean States (5 members)
Antigua and Barbuda (2020)
Brazil (2020)
Colombia (2022)***
Mexico (2021)
Peru (2022)***

Western European and other States (12 members)**
The Netherlands, Kingdom of
United States

Term expires on last day of the year indicated

* Re-elected

** Own rotation scheme

*** Newly elected for 2020-2022

  • Bureau members for 2020

    President (Group of Latin American and Caribbean States): H.E. Mr. Walton WEBSON (Permanent Representative of Antigua and Barbuda to the United Nations)

    Vice-President (Group of Eastern European States):
    H.E. Mr. Georgi PANAYOTOV (Permanent Representative of Bulgaria to the United Nations)

    Vice-President (Group of Western Europe and Other States):
    H.E. Mrs. Anna-Karin ENESTROM (Permanent Representative of Sweden to the United Nations)

    Vice-President (Group of African States):
    H.E. Ms. Valentine RUGWABIZA (Permanent Representative of Rwanda to the United Nations)

    Vice President (Group of Asia-Pacific States):
    H.E. Mr. Mansour Ayyad ALOTAIBI (Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the United Nations)


    Election of the Bureau: 16 December 2019

    First regular session: 3 - 6 February (New York)
    Pre-session informal consultation: 21 January

    Annual session: 1 - 5 June (virtual session)
    Pre-session informal consultation: 11 May

    Second regular session: 31 August - 4 September (virtual session)
    Pre-session informal consultation: 17 August


The Economic and Social Council elects members of the Executive Board every year. The Board is comprised of representatives from 36 countries who serve on a rotating basis. The Executive Board Bureau is comprised of one President and four Vice-Presidents, elected from the members at the first regular session each year, taking into account the need for equitable geographical representation.

The Executive Board ensures that UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS remain responsive to the evolving needs of programme countries, and supports UNOPS efforts to share expertise in infrastructure, procurement, project management, financial management and human resources.

The Executive Board has provided UNOPS with support and oversight functions since UNOPS separated from UNDP in 1995 and became an independent, self-financing organization.

The Executive Director of UNOPS reports directly to the UN Secretary-General and the Executive Board, and has the authority to sign host country agreements and appoint UNOPS representatives in the field.