The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

How we operate

UNOPS is a self-financing organization. Our business model is built around the delivery of services that increase the effectiveness of peace and security, humanitarian and development projects.

Our service lines focus on sustainability and national capacity development, while our financing promotes lean, effective delivery. Our flexible structure and global reach means that we can quickly respond to partners’ needs, while gaining the benefits of economies of scale.

If we can help our UN partners to further improve their delivery with the support of our specialized services, we help to deliver more for less - more value for money.

Grete Faremo - Under-Secretary-General and UNOPS Executive Director

Executive Board

Providing support and supervision for UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS, the Executive Board ensures we remain responsive to the evolving needs of UN Member States.

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Strategic plan

In support of sustainable development, and more just and equitable societies, UNOPS strategic plan focuses on implementation for impact.

Mandate and reforms

With a mandate for infrastructure, procurement, project management, human resources, and financial management services, UNOPS supports peace and security, humanitarian and development operations around the world.

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