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We're dedicated to supporting our partners by providing services that increase the effectiveness of peace and security, humanitarian and development projects worldwide.

To advance the 2030 Agenda – including supporting climate actions and promoting equal opportunities – UNOPS aims to engage in collaborative partnerships with a focus on sharing our expertise in infrastructure, procurement, project management, human resources and financial services.

We work with a variety of partners, from the UN family to governments, non-governmental organizations, academia and the private sector.

Our partners call on us to supplement their own capacities, improve efficiency and transparency, reduce risks, boost cost-effectiveness and ensure quality.

Global liaison offices

What our partners say about us

  • World Bank

    “Over the last decade, UNOPS has supported us in close to a billion dollars’ worth of projects to deliver access to basic services and provide opportunities to the bottom 40% of the population in the developing world. They are one of the World Bank’s most important UN partners, including in fragile states. I am confident we can grow our partnership further to achieve better results for the SDGs.”

    – Kristalina Georgieva
    Former Chief Executive Officer

  • United Nations

    “UNOPS provides meaningful technical expertise to countries in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. UNOPS technical support to UN agencies in procurement and other specialized areas has expedited the provision of relief services to millions of people in need, and in doing so, contributed to more stable and secure societies.”

    – António Guterres

  • UN Refugee Agency

    “Connecting displaced people with humanitarian organizations is of vital importance, especially during a crisis. The Iraq IDP Call Centre does that simply and to great effect."

    – Filippo Grandi
    High Commissioner for Refugees

  • UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

    “Let us back something that is working: UNVIM has cleared over 190 commercial vessels to successfully offload over three million metric tonnes of food, fuel and supplies.”

    - Stephen O’Brien
    Former USG for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator

  • Government of Ecuador

    “I am well aware of the important role UNOPS plays to support the transparency, relevance and effectiveness of highly complex projects in different neighbouring countries. I am pleased that the municipality and the Ministry of Transport and Public Works are relying on UNOPS to implement the tramway project.”

    – Lenín Moreno,
    Former President, Ecuador

  • Government of Paraguay

    “We are proud to have received the distinction of the UN for achieving excellence in project management, quality, innovation and impact of results for the ‘Programme on Modernizing Family Farming.’ This programme benefited more than 30,000 families throughout the country in just four years, changing the lives of thousands of people and bringing development to the countryside.”

    – Horacio Cartes
    Former President, Paraguay

  • Government of Serbia

    “I would like to thank UNOPS for all of its support in Serbia’s recovery after the floods in May 2014. With your help, efficient reconstruction and cooperation with local self-governments, we overcame these challenges."

    – Ana Brnabić
    Prime Minister, Serbia

  • Government of Sierra Leone

    “We are happy to be working in cooperation with UNOPS and DFID on a project that is providing renewable energy to improve the lives and livelihoods of our compatriots in our rural areas across the country; to ensure better health outcomes, to enhance education and to stimulate the growth of local economies.”

    Ernest Bai Koroma
    Former President, Sierra Leone

  • Government of El Salvador

    “For the Regional Hospital of San Miguel in eastern El Salvador we carried out an international and transparent tendering process under the supervision of UNOPS. We have worked with UNOPS before on important public works such as the airport, among others. UNOPS brings transparency and security to what we do, a requirement set forth in our legislation and our procedures."

    Óscar Ortiz Ascencio
    Former Vice-President, El Salvador

  • Government of Ukraine

    “Thanks to the opening of the new UNOPS Office, Ukraine will be able to better access innovative sources of funding through interactions with institutional donors, charity organizations, as well as international business associations."

    – Petro Poroshenko
    Former President, Ukraine

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