The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

History and evolution

UNOPS origins trace back to 1973, and until 1994 the Office for Project Services was part of the UN Development Programme. By decision of the UN General Assembly, UNOPS became a separate, self-financing entity within the UN development system on 1 January 1995.


Since 1995, through resolutions and decisions, Member States have evolved UNOPS mandate, particularly with respect to the nature of our project services and the types of partners we engage with.

By 2017, the legislative basis for UNOPS contributions had been firmly established through a number of resolutions and decisions, including General Assembly resolution 65/176, and Executive Board decisions 2009/25, 2010/21, 2013/23, 2015/12, 2016/12, 2016/19 and 2017/16.

UNOPS is mandated to expand implementation capacity across peace and security, humanitarian, and development efforts. Through its project services — including infrastructure, procurement, project management, human resources, and financial management services — UNOPS supports governments, the United Nations, and other partners in achieving Member States’ Global Goals, and local objectives for people and countries.