The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Responding to conflicts and crises

Our world is facing a growing number of humanitarian crises and emergencies. How we respond is critical to supporting those most in need.

Respond, recover and rebuild

When crises occur, UNOPS is there to help communities respond, recover and rebuild.

From Gaza to Ukraine, Ethiopia to Yemen, the number of violent conflicts are on the rise, with far-reaching impacts on communities around the world.

At the same time, extreme weather and natural disasters are striking with increasing frequency and intensity, leading to high rates of displacement and loss and damage.

In both instances, the world's most vulnerable people are hit the hardest – negatively impacting livelihoods and access to essential services.

When crises happen, UNOPS helps our partners identify and address the most urgent needs in affected communities, with the goal of providing rapid, effective and efficient assistance that can help meet the needs of vulnerable people, and lay the foundations for a more sustainable future.

In a world facing rising conflict and complex crises, UNOPS works to respond to immediate needs, while laying the foundations for a more sustainable and resilient future. Agility, preparedness and resilience are the heart of our humanitarian, development and peace efforts.

Jorge Moreira da Silva - UNOPS Executive Director

How we support

How we support

When crises happen, UNOPS works with our partners to help communities respond, recover and rebuild in a sustainable and inclusive way. 

From first responders clearing mines and procuring critical supplies, to undertaking damage assessments and rehabilitating critical infrastructure, we support countries and communities in the critical task of building back better, so that society can better cope with future shocks.   

  • Supporting recovery

    We support early recovery efforts, helping to (re)connect vulnerable communities with essential services and rebuilding social infrastructure with a key focus on resilience, sustainability and inclusion.

  • As of the start of 2020, over 40 per cent of UNOPS personnel are women.
    Building institutional capacity

    We help strengthen government institutions and build the capacity of national and local organizations to enable the delivery of services that are more sustainable, inclusive and effective.

  • Climate action and resilience

    We help communities and countries mitigate, address and adapt to the impacts of climate change – from planning, developing and managing key infrastructure, to fostering sustainable and resilient supply chains.

  • Peace, security and justice

    We help enhance security and build the foundations for countries and communities to achieve long-term peace and sustainable development – from aiding peacekeeping efforts and explosive threat management to helping strengthen the rule of law and equal access to justice.

  • Promoting livelihood opportunities for vulnerable people

    We help expand long-term livelihood opportunities, providing cash-based assistance, improving access to markets and building social safety nets.

  • Rapid response

    We support the delivery of urgent humanitarian assistance – including by procuring critical supplies, building and rehabilitating temporary and long-term infrastructure, and providing a range of human resources and logistical services.

Mission Hubs

Our dedicated Humanitarian, Development and Peace Nexus Hub brings together knowledge and expertise from across the UNOPS family. It supports holistic efforts to address the root causes of fragility and strengthen the resilience of communities affected by conflict and disasters.


On the ground

On the ground



From Haiti to Syria, watch how we help to respond, recover and rebuild communities when crises and emergencies happen.

  • Repairing schools in Ukraine

    The ongoing conflict has led to the destruction of much of Ukraine's infrastructure.We’ve partnered with the EU to repair schools and provide safe and accessible learning environments to +20,000 students.

  • Connecting hospitals to clean energy in Haiti

    UNOPS is partnering with the World Bank to improve energy access and reduce reliance on fossil fuels at five hospitals across Haiti.

  • Powering better education and health in Syria

    In western-central Syria, UNOPS teamed up with the government of Japan to rehabilitate critical facilities damaged by an earthquake in 2023.

  • A chance at a fresh start

    In Guinea, new livelihood opportunities are helping lift young people out of poverty and enabling them to seek a brighter future.

  • Building back after disasters

    Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. In Zimbabwe, we have been supporting communities to recover from Cyclone Idai and build resilience to future disasters.

  • Helping Pakistan build back better

    To support rebuilding efforts following the 2022 floods in Pakistan, we’re providing training for semi-skilled masons on climate-resilient building methods.

  • Better access to vital services and humanitarian assistance

    In northern Uganda, the new Nyara Bridge is helping increase access to social and protection services for people living in the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement.

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