Democratic Republic of the Congo

UNOPS supports reconstruction efforts by rehabilitating roads and bridges in DR Congo, while training local workers to ensure that infrastructure is maintained. Photo: UNOPS

UNOPS has worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) since 1999, providing services in procurement, project management, infrastructure and human resources.  UNOPS supports partners in road and building construction, disaster risk management, water and sanitation infrastructure and emergency humanitarian assistance, such as gathering data on internally displaced people in camps around the country.

Other projects have included agricultural and elections support.  In addition, UNOPS supports national capacity development and infrastructure maintenance by training local workers and project partners.  We also support environmental impact studies and the implementation of environmental management plans for roads.

View data on UNOPS work in DR Congo.

UNOPS supports multi-country programmes that also have activities within DR Congo:

Small grants

Peace and security

Water and energy



In 2013, UNOPS rehabilitated 1,380 kilometres of road in some of the most remote areas of the country, working closely with small national companies to enhance management and technical capacities. Photo: UNOPS

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      Jiries Awad,

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