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Key partners

European Union (EU)

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

UN Mission in Kosovo*

UNOPS has worked in Kosovo* (*referred to throughout in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 [1999]) since 1999, helping partners achieve their development and peace and security goals.

The UNOPS team in Pristina provides sustainable project management, procurement, infrastructure, administrative support, and advisory and fund management services. Prioritizing major infrastructure project implementation, UNOPS provides project management support to partners in the environment and rule of law sectors, and supports partner personnel management, including for UN Environment and UNHCR.

Working closely with communities and local authorities, UNOPS supports capacity development by sharing knowledge and best practices with national counterparts.

Key Information

  • UNOPS impact in Kosovo*

    • Helped improve border management, facilitating the movement of goods and people, and helping tackle organized crime and trafficking.
    • Improving local authorities’ capacity to fulfil EU criteria for statistical data collection in the area of refugee crisis management through providing timely partner personnel services.
    • Increased UN Environment responsiveness to environmental challenges in the region by providing flexible, tailored and swift partner personnel, procurement and travel services.

  • 1.79M
    Total population

    Total population is based on the de facto definition of population, which counts all residents regardless of legal status or citizenship. The values shown are midyear estimates.

    Source: (2019)

    CO2 emissions
    CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita)

    Carbon dioxide emissions are those stemming from the burning of fossil fuels and the manufacture of cement. They include carbon dioxide produced during consumption of solid, liquid, and gas fuels and gas flaring.

    Source: (2016)

  • Flag XK Contact Details

    UNOPS Kosovo*

    UN House Zagrebi Street no. 58



    Tel: +381 38 248 861

    Facebook: @UNOPSKosovo

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