The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Strategic coordination and advice

In an effort to enhance coherence and effectiveness in the UN system, UNOPS and the Executive Director coordinate with UN peers and receive external advice from different senior level bodies.

Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB)

The CEB provides broad guidance, coordination and strategic direction for the UN system as a whole in areas under the responsibility of executive heads. Focus is placed on inter-agency priorities and initiatives while ensuring that the independent mandates of organizations are maintained. 

The CEB carries out its role through three mechanisms:

  • High-Level Committee on Programmes (HLCP)
  • High-Level Committee on Management (HLCM)

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UNOPS is seeking new members for its Audit Advisory Committee. Learn more here.

Audit Advisory Committee (AAC)

The AAC assists the UNOPS Executive Director in fulfilling his/her responsibilities regarding the organization's oversight, financial management and reporting, internal audit and investigation, external audit, risk management, and systems of internal control and accountability. The primary role of the Committee is to advise the Executive Director.

Current members of AAC include:

UNOPS Investment Advisory Committee (IAC)

The Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) is the independent investment advisory body assisting the UNOPS Executive Office in its management and oversight of UNOPS assets. The assets are managed according to strict guidelines on socially and environmentally responsible investments.

The Committee members are:

  • Olaug Svarva (Chair), from Norway, is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Government Pension Fund of Norway and also serves as the chair of the Norfund Board
  • Angela Docherty, from the United Kingdom, formerly worked at Unilever on investment management policy and has advised the United Nations Relief and Works Agency investment committee
  • Scott Evans, from the United States, is the former Chief Investment Officer of the New York City Retirement System and advises the William T. Grant foundation’s investment and finance committee