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Building resilience to flooding and coastal erosion in Liberia

UNOPS is supporting the government of Liberia's efforts to respond to climate-related disasters more effectively and to mitigate their impact.

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We believe that infrastructure is central to addressing climate change and key to climate mitigation and adaptation efforts.

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In Liberia, around 2.2 million people are exposed to floods, 320,000 to coastal erosion and 2.1 million to windstorms. And with the impact of climate change, the country is expected to see increased risks from these natural disasters.

To support the government of Liberia with increasing the safety of flood and coastal erosion-affected communities, UNOPS will procure vehicles and IT equipment for the National Disaster Management Agency, using nearly $1.9 million from the government of Japan.

"The equipment provided through this project will support the National Disaster Management Agency with improving disaster management and response, improving data collection for faster impact assessment, and enhancing the monitoring and coordination of relief operations," said Ifeoma Charles-Monwuba, UNOPS Director and Representative in Ghana.

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