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Enhancing the rule of law in Montenegro

With support from the European Union (EU), UNOPS is implementing a new project to strengthen the efficiency of the country's judicial system and human rights protections.

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The project, funded by more than €2 million from the EU as part of Montenegro’s pre-accession process, will be carried out over a 20-month period and will bring the country’s legal framework in line with EU standards.

One of the project’s central objectives is to address key challenges identified within Montenegro's rule of law sector, which includes a lack of reliable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems and insufficient human capacities. This includes implementing new modules for the Unique Information System of Judiciary (ISP) across judicial institutions, procuring ICT equipment, enhancing ISP security, providing specialized training for judicial employees, and obtaining institution certification.

Montenegro’s Ministry of Justice, the Judicial Council, 25 courts, Prosecutorial council, the State Prosecutor's Offices, and the Institute for Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions are among the key national partners who will benefit from the project.

This is an important project for our judicial system, and we are very pleased that our foreign partners have recognized its significance and strongly supported the work of the Ministry of Justice so far.

Marko Kovač - Minister of Justice, Government of Montenegro

“The Ministry continues its activities with the aim of improving the efficiency of the judiciary and ensuring adequate spatial, technical, and security conditions for the operation of judicial bodies,” explained Marko Kovač, Montenegro’s Minister of Justice.

UNOPS will manage the project, including associated procurement processes, in collaboration with the national partners.

"Having UNOPS at the helm of this project ensures a globally recognized standard of quality and effectiveness,” explained Michela Telatin, Director of UNOPS Multi-Country Office in Serbia.

“Together, these international partnerships fortify the path towards an even stronger rule of law in the nation, marking a crucial step in Montenegro's EU negotiation process," she added.

Aligned with Montenegro's national strategic framework and EU principles, this project will contribute to the country's progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – supporting efforts to enhance democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, and aligning Montenegro’s judicial system with the EU's values and standards.

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