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Strengthening access to justice in Mauritania

New infrastructure will help promote the rule of law and protect human rights in the country.

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Strong institutions are essential to a country's growth and stability. In Mauritania, the modernization of judicial infrastructure is strengthening the justice system and providing communities with better access to justice.

Under the Justice Reform Support Programme in Mauritania, funded by the European Union, UNOPS is building a regional courthouse in the city of South Nouakchott and two departmental courthouses in the towns of El Mina and Boutilimit.

Modernized judicial infrastructure can contribute significantly to strengthening the rule of law and promoting social peace at the local level.

Stina Ljungdell - Director of UNOPS Multi-Country Office in Senegal

With partners, UNOPS innovatively responds to humanitarian, development, and peace and security needs – bringing lasting change throughout the continent.

The courthouses are built with sustainability in mind: the buildings are designed to be energy efficient with double partitions and thermal insulations while incorporating gender and inclusion components such as separate detention cells, toilet blocks for the privacy and safety of detainees, and standardized access ramps for people with reduced mobility.

“The modernization of our judicial infrastructure is not an isolated act. It is part of a series of concerted efforts to achieve a global vision aimed at improving the quality of life of all our citizens,” said Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Cheikh Abdoullah Ibin Boya, Mauritania's Minister of Justice.

“This substantial funding is a testament to the European Union’s trust in Mauritania and in its commitment to supporting crucial reforms in the justice sector, including, as is the case today, the strengthening of judicial infrastructure," said Gwilym Jones, Ambassador of the European Union in Mauritania.

"The rehabilitation and construction of new courthouses will create a favourable environment for the effective administration of justice, bringing it closer to the citizens and reinforcing trust in the judicial system,” he added.

The project is bringing the people of Mauritania one step closer to a more efficient justice system and a better rule of law.

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