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Strengthening rule of law in Ukraine

UNOPS is working with the European Union and partners to procure specialist equipment for law enforcement agencies in Ukraine.

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PRAVO Police programme

The programme is implemented by UNOPS, in close coordination with the European Union Advisory Mission to Ukraine, with funding from the European Union. It aims to support rule of law reforms in Ukraine in the areas of police and public prosecution and good governance.

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Funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by UNOPS, the PRAVO Police programme helps to promote the rule of law in Ukraine and align the functioning of its law-enforcement agencies with EU and international best practices.

Through the programme, using close to €2 million in funding, 90 vehicles have been delivered to law enforcement agencies to improve the mobility of the National Police of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service, and other institutions.

“We are sincerely grateful to all of our partners for both their focused technical donations and their strategic support. This will allow us to anticipate future challenges and develop cooperation for the next several years,” said Meri Akopyan, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.

“Rule of law, safety, and security are the cornerstones of a thriving democratic society, and we are proud to be able to support Ukrainian law enforcement as they defend these principles day by day. The donated vehicles will increase officers’ mobility and improve the quality of services they provide to the population,” said Xavier Camus, Head of the Good Governance and Democratisation section at the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

The donated vehicles will ensure law enforcement officers can continue to carry out their daily duties, and provide critical services to the people of Ukraine.

“The high-powered resilient vehicles that we are receiving today will be instrumental in carrying out our duties,” said Vasyl Nevolya, Head of the International Police Cooperation Department of the NPU.

Hennadiy Kravchuk, Head of the 31st State Border Guard Service detachment, added:

”[The vehicles] will be used to reinforce the protection of the state border and will be deployed to perform tasks in the areas of active hostilities.”

UNOPS remains committed to supporting Ukraine’s rule of law institutions as they provide critical services to the population. We have enacted emergency procurement procedures under PRAVO Police to speed up the delivery of urgently needed items, allowing law enforcement to ensure safety and security for the people of Ukraine.

Gianni Volpin - UNOPS Country Manager in Ukraine

Following the escalation of conflict in Ukraine, PRAVO Police was reprogrammed to provide emergency assistance to rule of law institutions, and to ensure they can continue to provide safety and security to the Ukrainian people. As part of these efforts, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies will receive essential transportation and communication equipment, as well as personal protective items, worth more than €8 million.

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