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UNOPS delivers equipment to blood transfusion station in Mykolaiv

In collaboration with Novo Nordisk, UNOPS is helping to supply the Mykolaiv Regional Blood Transfusion Station with live-saving medical equipment.

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  • This article was originally published on 18 September 2023.

Project updates:

14 December 2023

  • UNOPS and Novo Nordisk have successfully completed the medical assistance project in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. The project, finished ahead of schedule and within budget, has equipped a local medical station with advanced equipment, enhancing healthcare for up to 40,000 patients annually.

A key medical facility in the region, the blood transfusion station receives blood from donors and prepares it for use in transfusions, which are then performed by hospitals and clinics. Over 40 locations in Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odesa oblasts depend on the station’s services.

As part of the $1.3 million project, UNOPS is procuring a range of equipment including an automated blood separator, a whole blood processing platform, and other essential equipment used to automate various stages of blood extraction and processing, which will significantly increase output and improve the quality of services.

The new equipment will enable the station to serve up to 40,000 patients with life-threatening conditions annually.

A Station employee is analysing donor blood to make sure it is safe for further use Photo from March 2023 Credit Taras Chereshniuk
This piece of equipment analyses multiple blood samples at once significantly increasing output Photo from August 2023 Credit Taras Chereshniuk
This gymnasium in downtown Mykolaiv is considered for restoration. Apart from being a key educational facility, it is also a building of great cultural value - one of the oldest surviving public structures in the city.
Crisis response in Ukraine

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“Ever since the start of the Russian invasion, we have been under increased pressure to meet the demand for blood components,” said Valerii Chyniakov, Director of the Mykolayiv Regional Blood Transfusion Station.

“Medical professionals rely on us to provide them with what’s needed to save lives. The new equipment will go a long way in helping us with the current situation, and it’s also a significant long-term contribution to the region’s healthcare system,” he added.

Ukraine’s healthcare system is under immense stress due to the ongoing war. There have been over 1,125 verified attacks on healthcare infrastructure, patients receiving care, medical transportation, supplies and personnel. Ensuring the continued provision of health services in communities is one of the priorities of the Ukrainian government, steadfastly supported by the United Nations.

“Good-quality healthcare is fundamental to wellbeing and development,” noted Tim Lardner, UNOPS Country Director in Ukraine.

“UNOPS supports healthcare systems around the world, so we are well positioned to do this too in Ukraine. The impact of this equipment will be extensive, as dozens of healthcare facilities depend on its outputs.”

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