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UNOPS signs up first contributor to seed capital facility

Chinese Investment Management Authority donates $3 million to UNOPS social impact investing facility.

One of China's largest venture capital outfits has partnered with the UN's implementation arm to collaborate on development projects, by donating to UNOPS new seed capital facility.

"This is the first contribution to UNOPS newly-established facility. We are very proud that this is happening today and grateful for the gesture of support," said UNOPS Deputy Executive Director, Vitaly Vanshelboim, at an event in New York yesterday to showcase UNOPS' work on social impact investing. "We recognize the significance of impact investment, which aligns with our corporate values and vision," said Ms. Moshi Wang, Managing Director and Executive Vice President for China Science and Merchants Investment Management Group, who announced the donation. UNOPS' facility is focused on encouraging private investment in sustainable development projects around the world, and is currently seeking contributions from like-minded investment partners to channel private capital into projects supporting implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

"Our social impact investing initiative is about projects that combine sustainability and return, and where we work together sharing the risk," explained Ms. Grete Faremo, UNOPS Executive Director.

"We aim to accelerate work towards the Sustainable Development Goals, bringing much needed resources to meet the needs of millions of people around the world," she added.

The event brought together many other institutional investors. As part of the event, UNOPS signed a partnership agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology aiming to collaborate on e-learning and innovation in education.

Chinese Investment Management Authority donates $3 million to UNOPS social impact investment facility.

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