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Message on the Occasion of Africa Day 2024

Message on the Occasion of Africa Day 2024, by UNOPS Regional Director for Africa Dalila Gonçalves

Africa is a continent full of contrasts. Comprising 54 countries that are remarkably different in their geography, history, and culture, it has vast human and natural resources that have the potential to eradicate poverty in the region and drive opportunity and prosperity for all. Yet, Africa is also home to the highest number of fragile and conflict-affected states.

Africa has made remarkable progress towards economic growth and human development since the turn of the century. However, it is one of the regions most impacted by the adverse effects of climate change, and where health, education, social welfare, and many other aspects of human well-being are marked by inequalities. This situation makes the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals a real challenge.

UNOPS is committed to the belief that resilient, sustainable and inclusive infrastructure is a catalyst for peace and equal opportunities. Our work spans from providing green and affordable energy to rural communities, to enhancing health facilities, and constructing transportation networks that connect people to vital services. We are proud to partner with organizations across Africa to combat climate change, foster resilience, address inequalities, and accelerate sustainable development.

Today, on Africa Day, let’s celebrate our beautiful and culturally diverse continent while calling for governments and partners to prioritize sustainable infrastructure initiatives to help lay the foundations for a more peaceful and prosperous future for all people in Africa.

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