The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Transforming the buildings and construction sector

Statement by UNOPS Director of Procurement Anne-Claire Howard and UNOPS Director of Infrastructure and Project Management (a.i.) Steven Crosskey on the Buildings and Climate Global Forum 'Declaration de Chaillot'. 

UNOPS acknowledges with appreciation the endorsement of the 'Declaration de Chaillot' by representatives from 70 countries. This pivotal document serves as a cornerstone for international cooperation – facilitating progress towards a swift, equitable and efficient transformation of the buildings and construction sector.

The Declaration was launched during the Buildings and Climate Global Forum hosted by the UN Environment Programme and the government of France, where relevant actors in the sector came together to discuss solutions and join the call for action.

UNOPS is proud to have played an active role in the forum. We stand ready to support countries to establish and implement – consistently with the Paris Agreement and its goals – inclusive decarbonization and resilience pathways for buildings at all levels, taking into account the operational objectives stated in the Declaration de Chaillot.

We are committed to supporting efforts to implement national policies and measures, such as roadmaps and adequate procurement frameworks, that will drive progress towards inclusive decarbonization and climate resilience within the building sector.

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