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Accelerating the transition to renewable, green energy drives positive change for people and the planet.

Clean energy for a greener future

Energy is the driving force of our world. It is the power that transforms our homes, our livelihoods and our communities. But as we face growing interconnected crises, we need practical solutions to tackle climate change and build a greener future for all.

Around the world, some 675 million people live without access to reliable electricity. Providing access to clean, reliable and affordable energy solutions has the power to transform lives: from improved access to healthcare and education, to reduced time poverty and added safety and security.

Through our operations, we support global efforts to advance the shift to resilient, low-carbon economies and achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7: ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Supporting this global transition is vital to tackling the climate emergency, fostering socio-economic development and building a more sustainable and inclusive future for people and the planet.

Lack of access to sustainable energy is a serious impediment to human development and economic growth. Through our operations, we are committed to supporting the transition and building resilient and sustainable energy infrastructures globally, so that countries achieve economic growth and ensure energy security while cutting emissions.

Jorge Moreira da Silva - UNOPS Executive Director

How we support

How we support

Around the world, we leverage our infrastructure expertise to help partners plan, deliver and manage their energy infrastructure, while harnessing our efficient procurement processes to rapidly deliver tailored energy solutions in fragile and conflict-affected settings.

  • Sustainable off-grid energy solutions

    We help design, install and maintain renewable energy mini-grid systems for small-scale electricity supply in rural areas as well as supply standalone power sources and storage solutions in off-grid locations.

  • Climate action support

    We leverage our project and financial management services to help partners meet their commitments under the Paris Agreement by hosting and managing climate-focussed initiatives.

  • Energy-efficient infrastructure

    We help design, construct and maintain energy-efficient infrastructure while also retrofitting and upgrading existing infrastructure to improve energy efficiency.

  • Re-establish energy services

    We help conduct damage assessments of energy infrastructure and support reconstruction efforts to re-establish energy services after disasters or conflict situations.

Mission Hubs

Our dedicated Energy Transition Hub brings together knowledge, experience and expertise from across the UNOPS family. It supports holistic efforts to expand energy access, accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions and advance sustainable energy for all.



To accelerate the transition to renewable energy, partnerships and collaboration are critical. Explore some of the initiatives we support to advance Sustainable Development Goal 7 below.

  • Africa Energy Transition Partnership

    Launched at COP28, the Africa Energy Transition Partnership supports governments, donors and other stakeholders to accelerate the energy transition in Africa and find sustainable ways to meet growing energy needs across the continent.

    Learn more

  • Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT)

    ICAT works to provide policymakers around the world with tools and support to measure and assess the impacts of their climate actions. The initiative, managed by UNOPS, was founded to respond to the critical need to support improved transparency and capacity building under the Paris Agreement.

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  • NDC Partnership

    Built on the premise of collective action, the NDC Partnership brings  together 117 developed and developing countries and 84 institutional members to create and deliver on ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions that help achieve the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • Water, Environment and Climate

    To support the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, UNOPS Water Environment & Climate portfolio supports projects in the areas of transboundary water management, integrated water resource management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and environmental conservation.

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  • South East Asia Energy Transition Partnership (ETP)

    The ETP is a multi-stakeholder platform that aims to accelerate energy transition in Southeast Asia and deliver the Paris Agreement targets on climate change by bringing together government, donors, philanthropies and partner governments.

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Publications and research from the UNOPS family offer insights and solutions to support the transition to low-carbon economies and combat the effects of climate change.

  • Publication
    Nature-based infrastructure

    How natural infrastructure solutions can address sustainable development challenges and the triple planetary crisis

    Download the report

  • Publication
    Renewable energy methodology

    The Initiative for Climate Action Transparency provides methodological guidance on how to estimate emissions pathways and reductions resulting from the implementation of policies in the energy sector, including feed-in tariff policies, auctions policies and tax incentive policies.

    Read more

  • Publication
    Purchase for impact

    Using key procurement data, the report shows how UNOPS encourages sustainable procurement, empowers institutions to spend public funds more effectively and supports local economic development. 


  • Publication
    Improving access to renewable energy in rural Sierra Leone

    This publication investigates findings from an impact evaluation of a renewable energy project, which provided communities across 14 districts of Sierra Leone with access to off-grid solar electricity.

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  • Publication
    Inclusive infrastructure for climate action

    Our report identifies 7 action areas and 24 recommendations that governments and other stakeholders can use to deliver inclusive infrastructure for climate action – helping to ensure no one is left behind.

    Explore the research

  • Publication
    Infrastructure for Small Island Developing States

    The report highlights ways SIDS can harness their unique resources to help islands overcome vulnerabilities, advance development and reap long-term benefits from infrastructure investments.


  • Publication
    Infrastructure for climate action

    A report from UNOPS, the UN Environment Programme and the University of Oxford reveals that infrastructure is responsible for 79 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions. 

    Explore more

  • Publication
    Can the urban poor afford sustainable construction?

    A Cities Alliance paper explores alternative, circular and low-carbon construction methods and underscores the importance of fostering the creation of more resilient and environmentally friendly buildings and infrastructure in cities, particularly in the Global South.

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From hospitals in Haiti to schools in Pakistan, watch how we’re helping provide practical renewable energy solutions in communities around the world.

  • Lighting up streets in rural Iraq

    Solar powered street lights now light up more than 10 km of roads in Iraq’s Anbar province. Watch to hear what residents have to say about the impact this has on their daily lives.

  • Powering better education and health in Syria

    In Syria, UNOPS and the government of Japan are rehabilitating critical facilities damaged by an earthquake in 2023 and providing a reliable source of energy for hospitals and schools.

  • Improving Lebanon’s health services

    With the government of Japan, UNOPS worked with Lebanon’s Ministry of Public Health to strengthen health services and provide a reliable energy supply to several public hospitals.

  • Connecting hospitals to clean energy in Haiti

    UNOPS is partnering with the World Bank to improve energy access and reduce reliance on fossil fuels at five hospitals across Haiti.

  • Powering African cities

    Renewable energy is touted as a solution for rural electricity access in Africa – but it could also solve the unique challenges of providing reliable energy in urban areas. A UNOPS vodcast explores.

  • Access to energy in Pakistan: Faryal’s story

    Meet Faryal - one of 135,000 children who now have a better learning environment thanks to solar-powered fans and lights in classrooms.

  • Infrastructure for energy

    UNOPS discusses the urgent need for clean, affordable energy – and we're committed to helping nations make it happen.

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