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UNOPS has been operating humanitarian, recovery and sustainable development projects in Sudan since 2005, providing expertise in infrastructure, project management and procurement.

Our team plays a leading role in UN support to infrastructure development. In implementing a new generation of projects in Darfur and across Sudan, we are committed to supporting a more sustainable and equitable use of natural resources, using an integrated approach to water resource management.

From ensuring the people of Sudan have access to clean, safe water to supporting peacekeeping operations to protect civilians, UNOPS works collectively with partners and communities to build a better future.

Key Information

  • UNOPS Impact in Sudan

    • Improved access to clean drinking water for +750,000 people, ensuring water availability at an affordable price.
    • Built a 35-metre bridge facilitating the movement of around 100,000 and ensuring greater safety for communities during the rainy season.
    • Improved livelihoods for +44,000 people through promotion of sustainable and productive use of natural resources in East Darfur State.

  • 673.25%
    Annual freshwater withdrawals
    Annual freshwater withdrawals, total (% of internal resources)

    Annual freshwater withdrawals refer to total water withdrawals, not counting evaporation losses from storage basins. Withdrawals also include water from desalination plants in countries where they are a significant source. Withdrawals can exceed 100 percent of total renewable resources where extraction from nonrenewable aquifers or desalination plants is considerable or where there is significant water reuse. Withdrawals for agriculture and industry are total withdrawals for irrigation and livestock production and for direct industrial use (including withdrawals for cooling thermoelectric plants). Withdrawals for domestic uses include drinking water, municipal use or supply, and use for public services, commercial establishments, and homes. Data are for the most recent year available for 1987-2002.

    Source: (2014)

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    UNOPS Sudan

    8th Floor – Industrial Development Bank Building

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    Amarat Khartoum


    Tel: +249 991 358 043

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