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The Possibilities Portal is a free and easy-to-use portal that enables innovative companies to “pitch” their unique solutions and potentially elevate their visibility within UNOPS. Through the Possibilities Portal, UNOPS engages with the private sector and the supplier community to raise its awareness of the “possibilities” available beyond traditional solutions.


1. Submission

The journey starts when you submit your solution.

Your submissions are confidential and there is no cost to participate.

Before completing the form, please visit the ‘How we procure’ section to find out more about UNOPS procurement requirements.

UNOPS Business Opportunities posted on the United Nations Global Marketplace provides more information about our requirements and the UNOPS Procurement Plans detail our future procurement requirements.

Please note that while multiple solutions can be submitted at any time, UNOPS will only consider products/services that commercialized.

2. Evaluation

UNOPS will review the solution based on the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness: Is the solution fundamentally different from traditional or existing methods available on the market, locally or globally?
  • Relevancy: Does the solution directly address a need that UNOPS has in one of its field locations and can this be verified through previous projects, current or future procurement plans, etc.?
  • Potential value: Does the solution have the potential to create substantial value for UNOPS? Does it enable a similar or better outcome by doing things in a more efficient and effective way? Or could it help UNOPS to create new “value” (financial or other) in an area or situation that was previously unrecognized.

3. Connection

If your solution is identified as unique, valuable and relevant for UNOPS, you will be invited for further discussions.

Please note that while the Possibilities Portal provides you with the opportunity to register your organization on the Possibilities database, this registration does not guarantee any current or future business opportunities.