Executive Board

The Executive Board of the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Population Fund and the United Nations Office for Project Services is mandated to support and supervise the activities of the three organizations in accordance with the overall policy guidance of the United Nations General Assembly and its Economic and Social Council, and the responsibilities set out in the United Nations Charter. The Board also protects the interests of programme countries.

​The United Nations General Assembly created the Executive Board of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) by resolution 48/162 of 20 December 1993. The Board has provided UNOPS with support and oversight functions since UNOPS separated from UNDP in 1995 and became an independent, self-financing organization.

At the 65th session in December 2010, the General Assembly adopted the decision to include UNOPS in the Board’s title (resolution A/RES/65/176), in accordance with the recommendations of the Economic and Social Council and wishes of the 192 member states of the United Nations.

The Executive Director of UNOPS reports directly to the UN Secretary-General and the Executive Board, and has the authority to sign host country agreements and appoint UNOPS representatives in the field.

Latest updates

Executive Board Decision Monitoring: prospective act​ion report 2017​ (as of 1 January 2017)

Documents for sessions 2017​​​

Schedule of meetings for 2017

The Executive Board meets three times a year. The schedule of meetings in 2017 will be:


Pre-session informal consultation

First regular session

30 January - 3 February

 16 January

​Annual session 30 May - 9 June ​22 May

Joint meeting of the Executive Boards of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, UNICEF, UN-Women and WFP

19 June


Second regular session
​5 - 11 September ​21 August


The Economic and Social Council elects members of the Executive Board every year in May. Members are elected for three-year terms, with the exception of the Western European and other States group, which has determined its own internal rotation policy.

The Board comprises representatives from 36 countries who serve on a rotating basis. Through its Bureau, consisting of representatives from five regional groups, the Board oversees and supports the activities of UNOPS, ensuring that the organization remains responsive to the evolving needs of programme countries.

General Assembly resolution 48/162 legislated membership: eight from African States, seven from Asian and Pacific States, four from Eastern European States; five from Latin America and the Caribbean States; and 12 from Western European and other States.

The Executive Board Bureau comprises one President and four Vice-Presidents, elected from the members at the first regular session each year, taking into account the need for equitable geographical representation.

​Bureau members of the board for 2017

President : H.E. Mr. Ib Petersen (Denmark) 

Vice-President : H.E. Mr. Omar Annakou (Libya)

Vice-President : Ms. Carolina Popovici (Republic of Moldova​​)​

Vice-President : H.E. Ms. Laura Elena Flores Herr​era (Panama)

Vice-President : Mr. Talal Aljamali (Yemen)

The Bureau prepares and organizes Board meetings, facilitates transparent decision-making, and promotes dialogue. The Bureau also agrees on the composition of the teams participating in Executive Board field visits.

The Executive Board adopted its rules of procedure at its 2011 annual session.