Celebrating UN Day

Around the world, the United Nations family joins hands in support of a better world.

Lives on the line 

On​e of the​ largest UN inter-agency project of its kind, the Iraq Internally Displaced Persons Information Centre is helping get life-saving information to those who need it most.​​

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​Some 63,000 small farmers living in rural poverty and operating in vulnerable ecosystems will benefit from a series of environmental studies in Peru.​​​​​
“My life has been very gloomy and cold, but I know my sun will shine.” – Yama Tamang, survivor of the Nepal earthquake. ​

Forgotten wars

​While much of our attention is focused on those fleeing violence and persecution in the Middle East, the ongoing refugee crisis in South Sudan is largely forgotten.​

For low-lying countries like Maldives, the threat climate chan​ge poses is already as clear as the water off the country’s famous beaches. ​​