UNOPS signs new partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Future cooperation will focus on innovation and learning in areas of the world underserved by access to education.

​​UNOPS, the implementation arm of the UN and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have joined forces to strengthen education and knowledge sharing for sustainable impact.

"With our experience working in more than 130 countries around the world, and the expertise of MIT, this agreement will help spread knowledge across the developing world," said UNOPS Executive Director, Grete Faremo.

"We see collaboration with UNOPS as presenting tremendous opportunities to leverage the strengths MIT has been developing in learning sciences to create a positive and sustainable impact," said Mr. Vijay Kumar, Associate Dean of Digital Learning and Strategic Educational Initiatives at the institute.

The new partnership agreement will provide UNOPS with access to world-class research on educational, innovation and e-learning, while the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will tap into UNOPS vast on-the-ground implementation experience.

MIT's Digital Learning School focuses its research on digital innovation in education, in an effort to provide greater access to learning in hard-to-reach environments.

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