​'Possibilities' is about thinking beyond the here and now, to focus on what could be. ​

The UNOPS Possibilities Portal invites small- and medium-sized enterprises to demonstrate how your product or service can enhance the possibilities of our projects, with the aim of improving the results of our work around the world, in service of people in need.
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The journey starts when you
submit your solution.

Your submission will be kept confidential and there is no cost to participate. 

Before completing the form, please visit the What we procure section to find out more about UNOPS procurement requirements. 

The UNOPS​ Business opportunities posted on UNGM provides more information about our requirements and the UNOPS Procure​ment Plan 2017​ details our future procurement requirements.

Please note that multiple solutions can be submitted at any time and that UNOPS will only consider products/services that are already on the market.



Your solution will be reviewed to determine whether it is an appropriate fit for UNOPS requirements. 

Our panel will look at three main criteria:

1. We check for uniqueness: Is your solution fundamentally different?

2. We look at the potential value: Could your solution create substantial new value?

3. We ask "Why UNOPS?": Is your idea relevant to UNOPS and to its future projects? ​



If your solution is identified as unique, valuable and relevant for UNOPS​, you will be invited for further discussions.

Please note that while the Possibilities Portal provides you with the opportunity to register your organization on the Possibilities database, this registration does not guarantee any current or future procurement opportunities. It however provides UNOPS with the ability to evaluate your capabilities and identify different approaches to meeting its requirements.

Contact information: If you have any questions about the UNOPS Possibilities Portal registration process, please


Possibilities Registration Form

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‘Unique’ is defined as fundamentally different, innovative and delivering value to UNOPS projects.