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Drone Mapping: How we’re helping the Sierra Leone flood response

Thousands of people have been affected by a devastating mudslide and torrential rains in the country's capital Freetown.

Several areas are facing extreme flooding and mudslides. So far, over 400 bodies have been recovered, with the death-toll expected to rise in coming days.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Sierra Leone's Office of National Security, an estimated 3,000 people have lost their homes, to find themselves displaced. Communication and electricity lines have been disrupted. The capital faces extensive damage to its infrastructure.

Emergency responders are on the ground to rescue people from mudslides, respond to the floods and prevent further disasters in at-risk areas. Rescue teams are working in difficult conditions, in many cases with limited access to resources.

"At UNOPS, we're helping the response through coordinating drone mapping across the main mudslide and flooded areas," said Nick Gardner, Head of UNOPS office in the country.

"By providing accurate data on the affected areas, we can contribute to a better understanding of how to prioritize emergency relief operations over the coming days"  Emergency response operations are being coordinated by the Office of National Security and the UN Country Team. Details will be updated as the response develops. More information is available here

Drone Mapping: How we’re helping the Sierra Leone flood response