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Increasing access to COVID-19 vaccines in Mali

UNOPS is working with the government of Mali and the World Bank to support COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

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Mali's Ministry of Health and Social Development developed a national vaccination plan against COVID-19 for people above the age of 18. To support this plan, UNOPS is working in collaboration with the ministry, using $12.2 million in funding from the World Bank.

UNOPS will procure 485 solar-powered coolers and 60 freezers for community health centres throughout the country as well as procure 68 vehicles that will be used for the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

With around 75 per cent of Mali's population living in rural areas, this project will help ensure that people around the country will have access to COVID-19 vaccination.

Stina Ljungdell - Director of UNOPS Multi-Country Office in Senegal

This project will help reinforce the capacity of the country's health system by improving the cold chain logistics system for vaccinations. This will ensure the COVID-19 vaccines can be transported and adequately stored at the correct temperature.

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