The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Japan provides support to Iraq’s newly liberated areas

With $6.3 million in funding from the Government of Japan, UNOPS will implement two projects aimed at enhancing the living conditions and safety of the Iraqi population, in particular those living in the newly liberated areas. 

The project: “Improving Living Conditions in the Newly Liberated Areas through Renewable Energy and Emergency Waste Disposal,” will improve the provision of innovative renewable off-grid/hybrid energy solutions, as well as municipal solid waste disposal services.

It is expected that over 2 million people, most of whom are returnees or live in the newly liberated areas, will benefit from the project that will be implemented in coordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and local authorities. Renewable energy solutions will respond to the immediate needs of the communities and will provide a longer-term, decentralized and environmentally friendly power generation modality that may be integrated into the national grid. The project will also improve solid waste disposal practices in the targeted areas for future service provision, with a substantial positive impact on the environment as well as on the health of the population.

Another project: “Improving the Operational Capacity of Demining Authorities”, also focusses on the newly liberated areas. The procurement of crucial demining equipment will provide improved operational capacity to the Directorate of Mine Action, the Ministry of Health and Environment, and the Ministry of Interior of the Government of Iraq, as well as the Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Agency and their respective partners. The project will benefit 2 million people living in the affected areas. In addition, the project will complement an ongoing Japan International Cooperation Agency project aimed at providing a series of mine action trainings to the same set of beneficiaries.

H.E. Fumio Iwai, Ambassador of Japan to Iraq said: 

It is the fourth year in a row since Japan started the assistance for vulnerable Iraqi/Syrian people affected by ISIL through its Supplementary Budget. This assistance shows Japan’s strong and faithful commitment to addressing the basic needs in the camps and the areas of return in Iraq.

He added, “The assistance to UNOPS comes as part of the new package of humanitarian and stabilization efforts to Iraq amounting to approximately $100 million. Japan is determined to serve displaced/returning people, refugees and host communities in Iraq, while supporting Iraq’s efforts for its development.”

“We are proud to support returnees and vulnerable host communities in newly liberated areas through innovative energy solutions, solid waste disposal, and demining, in partnership with the Government of Japan. Our projects are designed to provide sustainable solutions, taking into account environmental considerations,” said Bana Kaloti, UNOPS Regional Director, Middle East.

UNOPS has been active in Iraq since 2004, delivering close to 50 projects worth over $260 million, and supporting more than 500 projects implemented by Iraqi civil society organizations.

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