The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

“Leading by example” to promote socially responsible procurement

UNOPS joined other UN agencies and international organizations in Geneva this week to formally endorse the “green” procurement of health commodities.

The Statement of Intent was signed by the heads of seven UN organizations — WHO, UNICEF, UN Environment, UNDP, UNITAID and UNFPA, along with The Global Fund and Gavi.

It calls for the United Nations and international health organizations to actively promote and put into practice policies that bolster responsible procurement.

Signatories agree to a common approach that builds upon best practices when engaging with suppliers and manufacturers, taking into account principles of value for money, equal treatment, transparency, accountability, compliance to national and international legislation, environmental responsibility and more.

The statement notes that "procurement can contribute to sustainable development, particularly where it promotes responsible consumption and production patterns, as called for in Sustainable Development Goal 12, and where it positively influences the application of environmental and social standards to products and services, including in the health sector."

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