The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Reducing poverty through modernizing agriculture in rural Paraguay

In Paraguay, the President of the Republic announced the next stage of a project to modernize agriculture in rural areas, with Itaipú Binational, supported by UNOPS.

This follows earlier successes, where UNOPS helped the Government of Paraguay to support small-scale producers. 

Last year, UNOPS helped rehabilitate more than 9,500 hectares of sustainable agricultural land by purchasing certified seeds, conditioning soil, mechanically planting seeds and training smallholder and family farmers in marketing their services as a cooperative.  

The new improved $4.85 million project will cover more than 12,000 hectares of land, benefiting more than 6,500 families in 60 locations. 

“Independent figures that show that the total value of the production generated has been greater than the Government's investment,” confirmed Mr James Spalding, Director of ITAIPU Binacional in Paraguay. 

In addition, Mr. Spalding thanked UNOPS for its work already completed and underlined the guarantee of transparency and proper use of the resources it provides. 

In a further address, Mr. Horacio Cartes, the President of Paraguay, welcomed the continuation of this work: “The Director of ITAIPU was telling me how happy he is to be working with UNOPS. He highlighted the transparent use of money for the most vulnerable, and also informed me that funds are starting to reach those who are the most vulnerable.”

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