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Securing access to electricity and heating for communities in Ukraine

Through a new partnership with the government of Denmark, UNOPS is providing electricity generators and heating devices to people living in the Mykolaiv region.

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  • This article was originally published on 2 February 2023.

Project updates:

19 April 2023:

  • 351 generators have been delivered to 4 main recipients in Mykolaiv – including smaller generator units capable of powering shelters, orphanages, and local centres, and larger units serving as power sources for industrial equipment.

  • The Mykolaiv Regional Centre of Social Services received a total of 296 generators. The centre runs the government-sanctioned ‘Invincibility Points’ in the Mykolaiv region. These allow citizens to charge their gadgets, receive hot beverages and provide some warmth during a power outage. The generators are an essential part of the ‘Invincibility Points,’ which serve an estimated 15,000 people.

  • The Department of Civil Protection of the Mykolaiv Oblast Administration received 12 generators to provide backup power supply to water and heat supply facilities, hospitals, schools and kindergartens. Up to 50,000 people are estimated to benefit from these uninterrupted services.

  • Mykolaiv-obl-teplo-energo (a heating company) received 38 generators to help power district boiler houses serving more than 55,000 people during winter. In the warmer months, some generators will be used to purify water – providing an estimated 1,000 people a day with fresh water.

  • Mykolaiv-vodo-kanal (a water supply company) received five generators to power pumps and other electrical equipment, delivering water to over 50,000 households, local businesses and public infrastructure.

  • Five diesel delivery trucks were handed over to Mykolaiv City municipal companies. These will ensure that municipal vehicles, including public transport, cleaning, and maintenance units are properly fueled and ready to fulfil their functions at all times.

21 March 2023

  • Two generators have been delivered to two major hospitals in Kyiv that perform heart and blood vessel surgery, including unique cutting-edge interventions. The industrial size units will ensure that the hospitals have safe and secure access to electricity so that they can continue to support and save lives. The two facilities combined serve around 60,000 patients a year, from newborns to senior citizens experiencing heart and blood circulation disorders.

This gymnasium in downtown Mykolaiv is considered for restoration. Apart from being a key educational facility, it is also a building of great cultural value - one of the oldest surviving public structures in the city.
Crisis response in Ukraine

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The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has caused significant damage to the country’s infrastructure and energy networks. In November 2022, the Ukrainian government reported the destruction of 40 per cent of Ukraine's energy infrastructure. Damaged infrastructure has also affected energy and heating supply to 15 regions across the country.

“Denmark stands firmly with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and democracy. Denmark is fully committed to continue our support – both when it comes to covering urgent needs and long-term reconstruction,” said Dan Jørgensen, Denmark’s Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy.

“A significant part of our support is channeled through UN partners, such as UNOPS, doing an extremely important job,” he added.

In response to the crisis, the government of Denmark tasked UNOPS to deliver $18 million worth of much-needed electricity and heating equipment – including electricity generators, boiler houses, power banks and other essential items that will provide communities with access to electricity and heating during the cold winter months. Initially focusing on the Mykolaiv region, the project is expected to expand to other areas across the country.

In these trying times for our region and country, international assistance is a lifeline, helping communities and households endure the cold winter months and preserving the fundamentals of a high quality of life.

Vitalii Kim - Governor of the Mykolaiv Oblast

“We are incredibly grateful to the people of Denmark for standing by our side, and we look forward to further, mutually beneficial, cooperation,” said Vitalii Kim.

In January, 13 mobile boiler houses were handed over to communities, which will be followed by a delivery of 280 generators in early February. UNOPS expects to deliver up to 1,000 generators, as well as other equipment, such as fuel delivery trucks, in the coming months. The equipment will help provide an uninterrupted flow of electricity to households, community spaces, hospitals, and other public buildings. It is estimated that this support will reach up to 50,000 people.

“With this funding from the government of Denmark, UNOPS will deliver essential equipment to ensure communities in Ukraine have access to electricity and heating when they need it most,” explained UNOPS Acting Executive Director, Jens Wandel.

“This is a continuation of the support UNOPS is already providing to our partners in Ukraine, and much more is to follow, drawing on our capacity in infrastructure and procurement,” he added.

UNOPS is committed to supporting response efforts amid the ongoing conflict. We are working closely with the UN family and partners – including the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, UN Global Compact, the government of Japan and the European Union – to support the government and provide assistance to the most vulnerable communities and people.

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