The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Supporting stability in Somalia

The Government of Japan is funding a $3.2 million UNOPS-implemented project designed to assist Somali’s federal police force.

The lack of functional and stable civil security forces is a major constraint to peace and stability in Somalia. The project, which began in May 2016, aims to tackle one of the country's biggest challenges: improving security.

To address this, the project will provide financial stipends to about 7,000 federal police officers in the Somali Police Force (SPF). In addition, an electronic payment system will be developed to establish an efficient, transparent and accountable method of supporting the disbursement of the stipends.

Mr. Mikio Mori, Chargé d' Affaires ad interim of Japan, Embassy of Japan to the Federal Republic of Somalia, noted that it is: "critically important for each Somali to feel secure and be able to exercise their potential, in order for Somalia to realize peace and development. Based on this human security perspective, Japan is assisting Somalia."

This year, Japan will provide approximately $37 million as a package programme, composed of 14 concrete projects formulated through trilateral meeting among the Federal Government of Somalia, international organizations and the Embassy of Japan. One such project is the stipend programme for SPF being implemented by UNOPS.

​​​​​​​​​A training session for the Somali National Police covering the operation of the registration process for stipends payments. © UNOPS /Kazuyo Mitsuhashi​

The role of the SPF is crucial, and it is expected not only to protect citizens, but also produce a safe and secure environment for international cooperation, which will consolidate and accelerate the process of reconstruction.

Through this concrete project, Japan will continue to help contribute to peace and stability in Somalia.

Michael J. Allen, Country Director of UNOPS in Somalia, welcomed the initiative. "UNOPS is delighted to have been selected to implement this support provided from the Japanese people to the SPF," he said. "Stipend payments are a very real and tangible way of helping to deliver safety and security to the people of Somalia while at the same time building trust, confidence and loyalty within the rule of law environment."

Since 2014, UNOPS has been implementing donor-supported stipend projects for the SPF. This includes projects funded by the European Union and the United Kingdom's Department for International Development, which have contributed to a federal and a regional police support programme, respectively.

The Government of Japan has been supporting development initiatives in Somalia, in collaboration with UNOPS, since 2013. These initiatives include a road rehabilitation project and a market rehabilitation project, both with specific focus on gender mainstreaming. 

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