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UNOPS and Denmark extend assistance following dam breach in Ukraine

UNOPS is working with the Danish government to deliver crucial disaster relief to Ukraine, as the country grapples with the aftermath of the breach of the Nova Kakhovka Dam that triggered widespread flooding.

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  • This article was originally published on 8 June 2023.

Project updates:

14 July 2023

  • Five water tank trucks have been delivered to five communities upstream of the destroyed Nova Kakhovka Dam: Marhanets, Chervonohryhorivka, Pokrovske, Hrushivka and Nyva Trudova. These locations lost access to water after the Kakhovka Reservoir dried up.

  • The water trucks join the existing fleet of water delivery vehicles, which the communities rely on for drinking water.

This initiative is a continuation of UNOPS and Denmark’s successful cooperation to help Mykolaiv city and the surrounding region, which included energy equipment deliveries to a number of communities.

UNOPS is facilitating the delivery of five water tank trucks to supply drinking water to areas that will be exposed to water shortages as a result of the emptying of the Kakhovka reservoir, alongside a number of generators. The total value of this delivery is over $1 million.

This equipment will assist the Ukrainian authorities in effectively managing the consequences of the extensive flooding caused by the dam breach in the Kherson region, bordering Mykolaiv.

We have been able to provide equipment designed to handle floods, enabling the Ukrainian emergency response to react effectively and forcefully. This is a targeted contribution that makes a difference here and now.

Dan Jørgensen - Denmark’s Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy

The resultant flooding has had significant humanitarian and environmental consequences. Ukrainian authorities estimate that up to 16,000 individuals have been affected by the floods. The Ukrainian emergency management authorities, in collaboration with humanitarian organizations, are working tirelessly to evacuate and provide temporary shelter for those affected.

“Denmark and UNOPS continue to cooperate, this time in providing vital disaster assistance to Ukraine,” explained Tim Lardner, UNOPS Country Director in Ukraine.

“There is a tremendous effort ongoing to alleviate the suffering caused by the devastating flooding, with responses in place by the Ukrainian government, UN agencies, NGOs, and others.

“UNOPS, along with the rest of the UN team, is committed to making a meaningful impact on the ground and supporting the people of Ukraine during this challenging time."

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