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Dreams for the future

This article was published more than two years ago. Some information may no longer be accurate.

About 65 students from six Eastern Partnership countries study, relax and work together in Tbilisi, Georgia – and dream of having an impact on the world.

The students are part of the Eastern Partnership European School Scholarship Programme. They come from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. And every day, they embody the motto written on the side of a new dorm on the campus of the New School: Stronger Together.

Meet a few of them and learn more about their hopes for the future – and what motivates them to make the world a better place.

Lilit Mehrabyan

Country: Armenia

Hobbies: Ice skating and swimming

Favourite subjects: Economics and finance

Future career: Banker

Born in Ukraine to Armenian parents, Lilit is very close to her family – and often looks to her big sister, who is currently studying in Rochester, New York in the United States, for inspiration.

"I want to be like my sister, she really motivates me – she's a strong, empowered woman. She does everything by herself, she doesn't need help from others."

Ayla Ahmedova

Country: Azerbaijan

Hobbies: Environment club

Favourite subject: Global politics

Future career: Psychologist

A self-described women’s rights activist, Ayla strongly advocates for education (including ensuring that women know their rights), human rights and good mental health.

“Good mental health is the foundation for a good future.”

Maksim Lukashkoui

Country: Belarus

Hobbies: Cross country running, boxing and playing guitar

Favourite subject: Maths

Future career: Engineer

Maksim likens his love of math to a game – it’s something he really enjoys doing. And his love of maths is what’s leading him to his future career as either a civil engineer or an aerospace engineer.

“Engineering is applying science in your life.”

Nini Kutateladze

Country: Georgia

Hobbies: Basketball, volleyball and swimming

Favourite subject: Biology

Future career: Biomedical engineer

Nini has always been interested in medicine – but after a close family member and several people around her were diagnosed with cancer, she decided to connect her interest in medicine with technology.

“I want to work on cancer gene research to find a cure in order to help people.”

Constantin Arhip

Country: Moldova

Hobbies: Swimming and kickboxing

Favourite subject: Chemistry

Future career: Economist

Nicknamed ‘The Politician’ by some of his classmates, Constantin is interested in economic development and politics – in particular how to use economic tools to improve the wellbeing of people.

“We used to think only doctors can save lives but economists can too.”

Mykhailo Ivanov

Country: Ukraine

Hobbies: Boxing and tennis

Favourite subject: Chemistry

Future career: Engineer

Mykhailo’s love of science shows when he talks about competing in the Science Olympiad in his home country of Ukraine – his face lights up as he talks about it. He wants to use that love of science, especially chemistry, in the future.

“I was always passionate about how drugs work – I want to contribute to the discovery of something new.”

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About the project

The Eastern Partnership European School Scholarship Programme provides scholarships for students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to study for an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme with a European studies focus at the New School in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The scholarship programme is designed and funded by the European Union and administered by UNOPS. The New School is the main educational partner for this pilot programme, hosting the scholarship recipients as they complete their studies.

UNOPS also provided technical assistance and guidance for the construction of an on-campus dorm for the scholarship recipients, as well conducted a feasibility study for the possible establishment of a European school in Georgia – with the long-term strategy of introducing quality European educational opportunities within the Eastern Partnership countries and beyond.

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