Helping the Peruvian people

 ​For ov​er two decades, our infrastructure, procurem​ent, project management and advisory services have helped the people of Peru build better lives. We helped farmers cultivate rice, children learn in safe environments and much more. Take a look at some of our work. ​

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Cumbaza channel: Water for sustainable agricultural production in Peru

The loss of valuable water resources are hurting rice crops in Peru. UNOPS works with the Peruvian National Water Authority and the United Nations Environment Programme to help local farmers sustainably produce rice.

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Over 22,000 young minds from some of Peru’s poorest neighbourhoods are soaking up knowledge within modern facilities that are warm in winter, cool in summer and most importantly, safe. ​
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With UNOPS support, the people of Lima and Cusco are benefitting from improved transportation infrastructure in their respective cities.
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Some 63,000 small farmers living in rural poverty and operating in vulnerable ecosystems will benefit from a series of environmental studies in Peru.