Executive Board adopts UNOPS Annual Report in Geneva

Geneva—UNOPS Executive Director Ad Interim, Vitaly Vanshelboim, presented the UNOPS Annual Report 2013 to the Executive Board of UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS at its Annual Session in Geneva today.

In the plenary session, the Executive Board adopted the UNOPS Annual Report of the Executive Director, taking note of the significant contributions made by UNOPS, often in the most challenging environments, to the operational results of the United Nations and its partners.

The Executive Board welcomed the transformational changes made during the period of the last Strategic Plan 2010-2013, and the firm platform for implementing the new Strategic Plan 2014-2017, with its focus on sustainability.

"Sustainability is framed by three mutually reinforcing dimensions: equitable economic growth, social justice and inclusion; and environmental impact. These three dimensions inform UNOPS contribution to the post-2015 development agenda," Vitaly Vanshelboim noted in his statement to the board.

UNOPS was invited as a key-note speaker by the Government of Switzerland to participate in a side event on 23 June, the first day of the Executive Board Annual Session, on the contribution of multi-stakeholder partnerships in financing the post-2015 development agenda.

Domestic resources in developing countries represent an increasing source of development finance. In recent years, roughly one-third of UNOPS work was funded directly by national government in developing countries.

The Executive Board welcomed the appointment of the new Executive Director, Grete Faremo, in May of this year who will come on board in August.

Statements were also made by representatives from Japan and Niger (in French), as well as Denmark, on behalf of the Governments of Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the United States.

Members welcomed the leadership role that UNOPS plays in the organization's mandated areas –project management, infrastructure, and procurement. 

In this light, the Executive Board President, Peter Thomson, and two Vice-Presidents indicated a need to review possible efficiency gains that might come from the consolidation of procurement activities.

In their closing statement, UNOPS thanked President Peter Thomson for his able stewardship and acknowledged members of the Executive Board for their ongoing support.