UNOPS supporting green development partnership

COPENHAGEN – Clean energy projects around the world are set to benefit from a new partnership signed between the R20-Regions of Climate Action (R20) and UNOPS.

The agreement covers a range of services that will assist R20 in helping subnational governments, such as cities, municipalities and provinces, develop low-carbon and climate resilient economic development projects. This includes support to regional and local authorities to carry out feasibility studies on renewable energy and energy efficiency, and design portfolios of bankable projects to attract both public and private investors. The partnership also aims to administer funds for training programmes tailored to subnational authorities.

Under the agreement, UNOPS will provide support to R20 in organizing and hosting conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as with the recruitment of specialists for conducting feasibility studies.

"Action at the subnational level is critical to the shift from the brown to the green economy. This is what we at R20 have made our mission – to build the global green economy from the ground up, putting subnational regions at the forefront of our battle for a cleaner, more efficient world. Our partnership with UNOPS represents an important steppingstone for subnational action and our respective missions. Through this joint UNOPS-R20 Pre-Investment Facility, it removes certain barriers to sustainable development, one of the biggest being access to funding for feasibility studies," said Christophe Nuttall, Executive Director of R20.
The partnership will benefit R20’s member regions and technical partners, as well as donors and investors, by providing easily accessible and trustworthy resources for green projects.

"Professional training and institution building are key to sustainable development. The R20-UNOPS joint training programmes will tackle such opportunities. They will help local authorities adapt technologies and policies to build a greener economy," said Jan Mattsson, Executive Director of UNOPS.

Established in 2010, R20 works with leaders of districts, regions and provinces to facilitate the implementation of projects in areas such as clean public transport, energy efficiency, sustainable street lighting, hydropower, wind energy and waste-to-energy. Partners include financial, academic, non-profit, intergovernmental and United Nations organizations.