• Giuseppe Mancinelli,

    Giuseppe Mancinelli,

    Deputy Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office (LCO)

    "The JPO experience was diverse and intense and it definitively shaped my career at UNOPS."

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From its office in Geneva, UNOPS supports partners globally by managing partnerships, trust funds and project portfolios. UNOPS in Geneva currently acts as a host for the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council and the Nansen Initiative Secretariat, providing a legal framework within which these organizations can operate.

UNOPS in Geneva works in the following areas: water, sanitation and hygiene; environmental management; institutional development; national capacity building; peace building; and trade facilitation.

The strength of UNOPS in Geneva lies in its direct access to the largest hub of humanitarian and development organizations, and its experienced staff, who have been able to build strong partnerships that have a lasting, positive and enabling effect for the communities they support. For example, in a major partnership with the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), UNOPS acts as its Trust Fund Manager. The EIF helps least developed countries boost their capacity to trade, incorporating trade into national development strategies. In addition, the UNOPS Geneva office administers the UN-Water Interagency Trust Fund.

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