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UNOPS partnership building in Washington, DC is aimed at supporting sustainable development operations in developing countries. In addition, the liaison office assists operational teams on the ground with the management of portfolios financed by Washington, DC partners.

Partnering with the World Bank

Over the last decade, UNOPS has provided support to more than 100 operations financed by the World Bank. This has included technical assistance and advisory support to World Bank client countries to strengthen national systems, managing complex projects, and procuring specific goods and services.

Together, the two organizations have helped translate grants and loans into concrete development results in more than 25 countries, including post-conflict and post-disaster countries such as Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti and Iraq, while implementing a range of activities at the regional and global level. In 2013, UNOPS implemented $15.1 million worth of projects on behalf of the World Bank.

Projects primarily focus on support to government and civil society initiatives, transport and construction, health, the environment, post-conflict and post-disaster recovery, as well as crosscutting initiatives.

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Partnering with USAID

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and UNOPS have built a strong partnership over the past decade covering a range of countries as well as sub-regional, regional and global initiatives.

UNOPS supports USAID in the implementation of projects in a range of sectors covering government, civil society, health, transportation, construction, conflict resolution, peace and security, emergency relief and recovery, energy, the environment, and other themes.

The two organizations have supported fragile, post-conflict and post-disaster countries such as Sudan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti and Sri Lanka. In 2013, UNOPS implemented $22.4 million worth of projects on Behalf of USAID.

The USAID-UNOPS partnership has helped changed the lives of thousands through concrete, tangible results. This has included constructing and rehabilitating roads, bridges, clinics, schools and shelters, supporting livelihoods, boosting local economies, preserving the environment, and promoting lasting peace.

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Partnering with the IDB

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and UNOPS work together to help countries in the Latin America and the Caribbean region to deliver social services and public goods to those in need.

UNOPS and the IDB have built a strong partnership over the past seven years. Projects primarily support government and civil society, water and sanitation, education, health, emergency relief and recovery, amongst other sectors.

Working together in Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti and Uruguay, in addition to collaborating on regional initiatives, the IDB-UNOPS partnership has made a lasting impact on the lives of thousands. Together, the two organizations have constructed roads and bridges, helped improve healthcare and education, helped boost economies, promoted rural development, and helped develop the capacity of governments.

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Partnering with PAHO

Following the signature of a Strategic Partnership Agreement in 2009, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and UNOPS have joined forces to support government health ministries throughout the region.

PAHO and UNOPS are working together to improve healthcare by expanding health networks, developing safe and sustainable infrastructure and improving access to treatment, medicines and technology. UNOPS has provided support to PAHO projects in Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica and Haiti.

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Partnering with MCC

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and UNOPS have worked together for the past three years, focusing on economic development projects aimed at developing the small-scale fisheries sector and fruit tree productivity in Morocco.

UNOPS and MCC share similar challenges when working with governments to deliver development results. They are therefore exchanging knowledge and best practices, with UNOPS providing expertise in project management and infrastructure.

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